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Sunday, April 15th, 2012

New Cloud Power Tools for Business Units

We’re often asked: How are QuickBase and similar tools really different and better than the software we’re all used to using? The answer can give you the keys to drive significant new business improvement in your company.

We all use the standard desktop apps like MS Office to get our work done. The newer, more sharable versions of these are Gmail, Google Spreadsheets and Documents. While all are useful, they fall short at the next level–-when workgroups need centralized collaboration that supports their workflows and reporting needs. On the other end of the spectrum, companies’ main transaction systems, like GL and ERP are not meant for collaboration, or agile enough to keep up with your business unit’s dynamic, evolving needs. Off-the-shelf software can fall short too…giving you a lot of functionality you don’t need, missing some you do, and forcing you to buy multiple packages to meet multiple but often related needs (like managing customers and projects). This means there is an “App Gap” between the tools your workgroup and company have and the tools you really need.

Enter cloud-based online databases like QuickBase, that meet all those needs and more. They are established and have been used by leading companies for several years, but they are still “new” in the sense that many companies have not discovered them or are not using them nearly as broadly as they should be…leaving lots of new value to tap.

QuickBase is the most credible of the cloud-based/online databases that can fill your company’s App Gap in so many places. Tracking and Managing Marketing efforts, Sales, Customers, Projects, Orders, Production, Services, Support, Supply Chain, Assets, Facilities, Personnel…the list is nearly endless. And you can build all-in-one apps that do any combinations of these, just the way you need them. Whether you use a credible partner like us or do-it-yourself, you can gain tremendous value employing a tool like QuickBase in more places in your business.

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