Our Technology Roots

Advantage was founded in 2002 by Scott Wyatt who realized early on that QuickBase, a SaaS (Software as a Service) toolset and cloud platform, was way ahead of its time. Advantage soon became an expert QuickBase developer with a rapidly growing list of clients. Advantage was a proud contributor to the creation of the QuickBase Developer Partner Program and one of its original members.

Advantage rapidly develops and delivers smart, QuickBase web-based applications and cloud services, letting clients focus on their businesses. We are now a leading dedicated partner of QuickBase and the developer of choice for top companies across several industries.

Advantage serves clients across the country and is headquartered in downtown Denver, Colorado.


building2The rapid growth in the popularity of QuickBase—combined with Advantage’s expertise and proprietary development—drives our corporate expansion.




Our Company Mission To use QuickBase, along with other cloud tools, to deliver solutions that help clients improve their workgroup and business performance through more productivity, throughput, visibility and quality; all at a lower cost, with a compelling ROI.