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Advantage Enterprise Services leverages the power of QuickBase throughout your organization.

  • Cloud Governance: Provide oversight for data security, platform risk management and enterprise administration.
  • Managed Deployment: Accelerate best-practices training and support for App Creators, users and deployment of the platform company-wide.
  • Application Scaling: Advanced development using multiple applications and external databases to scale beyond QuickBase’s size and business logic limits, including interfaces with SharePoint and other source systems.
  • Custom Portals, User Interfaces and Dashboard Reporting and data-driven Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Lotus Notes Conversions: Migrate old Notes apps to a modern web infrastructure that is superior, easier-to-use and more cost-effective than with or SharePoint.
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Advantage Enterprise Services: Fortune 500 Expertise
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Advantage gives you access to the larger scope of QuickBase services, accelerating development and deployment, managing your risk and sensitive data and identifying opportunities for you to achieve even greater bottom-line results.