Advantage Builds Solution to support Relief Assistance for over 100,000 Americans

After a major hurricane ravaged the U.S. coast, relief efforts sprang into action to provide relief assistance. With over 100,000 victims, billions of dollars in damage, thousands of workers and tens of thousands of assets engaged, it was a very complex, large-scale, mission critical project. Even with a robust staff of developers, conventional technologies were not adequate for the speed of development or the flexibility needed to handle the rapidly evolving needs of the effort. People’s lives, safety and hundreds of millions of dollars in capital were at risk.

The major engineering government contractor in charge of the project selected QuickBase as its software platform, and engaged Advantage as the QuickBase experts and developers for major projects like this. Advantage worked onsite to build out and maintain the application that managed the overall operations, including: simultaneously tracking hundreds of thousands of victims and their assistance processing; tracking and handling tens of thousands of mobile assets; assessment and preparation of hundreds of leased properties for use; and more; all in one integrated application. Functionality was added daily to keep up with dynamic, growing needs of the developing relief efforts.

This integrated solution successfully supported relief assistance to over 100,000 Americans, including the collaborative work of 4,000 workers from 100 different companies, and it also tracked over $500 million dollars in assets. The application provided the real-time visibility, data capture, reporting and analysis required for this massive, emergency response effort. The contribution was considered so successful that it received the contracting company’s highest award for Project Excellence, with Advantage receiving its own recognition. In addition, this is one of the most important QuickBase projects and applications in existence, and it serves as a best-practice model for other national disaster response needs. Later, Advantage has been recommended for additional projects around the world.