Advantage CRM+ with integrated Email Marketing

While Salesforce is a good large company tool, one size doesn’t fit all. If your company finds Salesforce or similar CRMs too expensive and complex, with functionality that you don’t need and missing some that you do, then Advantage CRM+ is your solution.

Advantage CRM+ is a QuickBase web-based CRM that is easily customizable and extendable with these unique integrations:

  • Professional Email Marketing
  • QuickBooks
  • Your Email (whatever email software you use, including mobile)
  • Photo Capture and Management from Smart Phones

We beat Salesforce and similar CRMs in these key areas:

  • Ease of use: Compared side by side, users like Advantage CRM+ better than Salesforce, finding CRM+ easier to use on Day 1.
  • Cost: Advantage CRM+ is far less expensive than Salesforce’s package for 5 or more users or a customizable version.
  • Customization: Advantage CRM+ is easier to customize and extend its functionality to do more than just CRM.
Web based crm

Advantage CRM+ can be quickly customized with affordable bundled licensing and deployed in record time. Contact us today for a demo and free trial of CRM+.

  • Procurement Project Management.
  • Out-of-box Use: Advantage CRM+ is much easier to use out-of-the-box than Salesforce, and adding new functionality is much easier and more affordable!
  • Maintenance and Enhancements: Unlike Salesforce and others, you can easily maintain and further customize Advantage CRM+ so you don’t need software developers.
  • Small Business CRM: If you have more than five users for your CRM, we have the right-sized CRM solution for you.