Our Add-On Products help QuickBase do more for you

Advantage’s QuickBase Add-Ons expand and enhance your QuickBase. Our links give you the ability to integrate QuickBase with many different data systems, including QuickBooks and your email.

Autofy for QuickBase: A data sync for QuickBooks. Integrate QuickBase data into QuickBooks.
Autofy for QuickBase is the best QuickBase/QuickBooks integration solution. Sync records from any QuickBase table to any QuickBooks transaction. Learn More >
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Easy Insight: Easy, affordable, enterprise-quality business intelligence for QuickBase.
Easy Insight pulls data from multiple QuickBase and other sources and integrates it into consolidated reporting. Learn More >

Automatically centralize your emails and attachments in QuickBase.

Email-Link gets your important information and documents into QuickBase where they’re centralized and accessible. It works with all email and webmail programs—Outlook, Gmail and iMail. Learn More >



File Link: Remove file storage constraints in QuickBase.
File-Link sweeps selected QuickBase file attachment fields automatically to our secure Amazon server while leaving the link in place. Learn More >


Advantage can also provide Custom Apps or Packaged Apps, depending upon your company’s unique needs. And we can support optimal QuickBase use across your business with our Enterprise Services.