Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 | Posted in Advantage QuickBase Blog

Advantage’s new Scrum Master brings Agile Expertise to QuickBase

Advantage recently brought onboard certified Scrum Master Eva Kovari to maximize Agile development for our clients. In case these terms are new to you, a Scrum Master facilitates product development using Scrum, a rugby analogy for a development methodology, to manage how information is exchanged. This combined with the Agile approach, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams, are providing remarkable benefits in our QuickBase+ development for our clients.

How Agile for QuickBase benefits you as a Client:
- Ensures consistently successful project outcomes and better experience for clients during the project.
- Beats other methodologies (and lack of methodology) in time, quality, and cost of delivery.
- Delivers the most important functionality first, and quickly.
- Reduces project risks with better progress monitoring and management, issues resolution, and engagement with the stakeholders throughout the process.

The Scrum and Agile Approach
Eva brings 16 years of expertise, most formerly with Digidata, a cloud storage application development company, to Advantage’s development teams. Adding her Scrum guidance and oversight, Agile principles provide a framework for our teams to self-organize and focus the skill sets needed to deliver both complex and simple QuickBase applications with equal efficiency. They can focus on the most important requirements early, eliminate noise, and quickly develop functionality that you as the client can then provide feedback for quick, interactive improvement. Quick “sprints” and timeboxes keeps things moving rapidly and visibly in the right direction.

Since QuickBase app requirements are uniquely dynamic during the development and over time, the Scrum and Agile approach accommodates this much better than other formal, rigid project management methods. It applies discipline with flexibility and doesn’t require the client to know more than they can early in development. The Scrum Master identifies and removes project impediments quickly, leaving team members to focus on productive work.

“I’m excited that by employing this methodology which is uniquely suited to QuickBase solution development, we can make professional QuickBase solutions even more compelling for companies enterprise-wide,” said Scott Wyatt, CEO.

Effective, QuickBase Development in your Organization
The rate of progress, efficiency, and quality of results using the Agile approach with QuickBase is remarkable. We strongly encourage you to employ these principles in your QuickBase development, or engage a developer like Advantage who can put them to work for your organization.