Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 | Posted in Advantage QuickBase Blog

Announcing Autofy for QuickBase, improving QuickBase to QuickBooks Integration

  We have great news for companies who use QuickBooks!  In the past, when your business grew large enough to need centralized apps like CRM, project manager or service management, one of the biggest constraints to using Intuit’s QuickBase to run the rest of your business was its lack of easy integration with QuickBooks.  Since there isn’t a native sync between them, your only choice was to use some existing 3rd party sync tools (some of which Advantage developed). However, our team believed there MUST be a better way! So Advantage partnered with Joe Dwyer at Propelware, who makes the leading, QuickBooks sync product Autofy, and together we developed a better solution!

Introducing Autofy for QuickBase

Autofy for QuickBase enables your company to easily configure a sync that pushes records from QuickBase to automatically add and update your QuickBooks lists and transactions like Customers, Invoices, and much more. Best of all, it’s easier, more flexible and less expensive than the existing sync products in the market! We believe our new solution is good enough that we hope our QuickBase Solution Provider and QuickBooks ISP/ProAdvisor community will adopt it as the new standard.

The Best QuickBase/QuickBooks Integration Solution

By removing the integration barrier, many growing QuickBooks companies can now gain the value that leading companies have from using QuickBase. So sync your QuickBase and your QuickBooks to save time avoiding duplicate data entry; eliminate errors that cost money and future business; and boost your company’s efficiency and productivity.