Thursday, December 15th, 2011 | Posted in Cloud Collaboration Apps

Do-it-yourself Apps: A Rising Trend in Enterprises

We were excited to see that an Intuit QuickBase Survey Finds Growing Number of Workers Boost Productivity by Custom-building Cloud Solutions. We at Advantage are on the front lines seeing, enabling and supporting this valuable trend at leading companies across industries.  Broad use of QuickBase like this is a key to new levels of business agility, productivity and bottom-line improvement.

We strive to put this in place and get our clients the significant value it can deliver, while providing the governance that minimizes the risk of such powerful new tools.  Our Enterprise Services offering includes training, support and governance of new App Creators within a company, so Advantage can accelerate and amplify the value of QuickBase use across an organization.  It is a turnkey offering that helps large enterprises get all the value QuickBase can offer while managing cost and risk, and reducing the burden on I.T.

If your enterprise is not using QuickBase as smartly and broadly as it should, this report’s findings should prompt you to act, and contact us if we can help.