Automatically centralize your emails and attachments in QuickBase. So just sit back and be organized.

Are you and your team spending time re-keying valuable information from emails into QuickBase? Do you have to redo sales and support activities because you don’t know what others have done? How many documents are buried in someone’s inbox?

Increase efficiency and productivity!
Email-Link gets your important information and documents into QuickBase where they’re centralized and accessible.


Key Benefits of Email-Link

  • Avoids loss of important information, activities and documents.
  • Saves time and money: stop re-keying information from emails.
  • Works with all email and webmail programs—Outlook, Gmail, iMail—to automate and connect your email software and your QuickBase so they can work together.
  • Centralizes camera phone pictures taken remotely into your QuickBase in minutes. Provides visual evidence of work needed, work performed, facilities, equipment, inventory and more!