Thursday, July 28th, 2011 | Posted in Blog

U.S. Government embraces Cloud Computing

In case you didn’t see this New York Times Business article, the federal government is modernizing the way it uses computers to manage data and shifting to cloud computing to reduce its duplicative systems. The CIO of the federal government, Vivek Kundra, describes how redundant applications “sprouted like weeds” in their own data centers, and they expect major savings, improved functionality and simplification with this move to the Cloud.

We applaud their initiative, but many businesses are not onboard yet and are missing significant value. If you aren’t fully employing QuickBase as a cloud platform for instance, how much value is your company losing?

Also noteworthy that 140,000 employees at the General Services Administration and Department of Agriculture are moving to cloud-based (Google) email. If you are concerned that your business data may not be secure in the cloud, we propose that QuickBases’s secure, central, controlled system is far better than all the spreadsheets and documents those 140,000 employees are emailing around.

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