Why QuickBase?

Advantage is a leading Certified Solution Provider of QuickBase by Intuit, the #1 Online Database (cloud platform). With more than half of the Fortune 100 using QuickBase to solve their diverse business challenges, you can count on the cloud platform worthy of your enterprise, and Advantage as your technology partner of choice.

How does QuickBase online database help?

Collect Data
Streamline the way your teams collect information and collaborate. Get your out-of-control data out of spreadsheets, email and paper and into a secure, central QuickBase.

Manage Information and Workflows
Join the world of streamlined workflows for consistently higher workgroup performance. While spreadsheets and email do not support workflow or meet I.T.’s data security standards, QuickBase does. With apps that everyone uses, you can maintain consistent, best practice processes.

QuickBase consultants

Advantage uses the power of the QuickBase platform to rapidly create and customize solutions for your most pressing business needs.

Share Information Easily connect your teams to the information they need. Share information among team members, customers and partners in real time. You can easily control who sees what, and have the peace of mind there is only one version that is always up-to-date. You can’t do that with Excel. Visit www.quickbase.com to learn more about QuickBase.