Advantage improves business performance by increasing productivity across your organization. We develop web-based applications for the world’s largest companies and emerging companies alike, which can empower your teams to improve workflow and workgroup collaboration, connecting people and information. Get the ultimate Advantage.

Advantage delivers business solutions (in the cloud!):

  • Workflow applications
  • QuickBase applications
  • Database solutions
  • QuickBase developers

Improve Workflows: Improve Your Bottom-line

Poor workflows can cripple the productivity of your workgroups and entire organization, creating a widespread problem for your company. Workflow problems result in:

  • Sales and other opportunities lost
  • Operational chaos
  • Customers and orders mishandled
  • Deadlines missed
  • Work takes too long and costs too much to get done
  • Inconsistent service quality and delivery
  • Important documents misdirected, mis-executed and inaccessible
  • Confused employees, suppliers and partners on the ‘what, when and how’ for recurring work

Centralize Critical Data and Improve Workgroup Collaboration

Advantage’s QuickBase applications help your people follow optimized processes – all the time. Advantage workflow apps are dynamic taskmasters: assigning responsibilities and smoothly passing information from person to person; improving quality, accelerating consistent completion and enhancing visibility to the work and results. Unlike Excel, email, and other desktop apps, our apps streamline critical steps and accelerate workflows.

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Advantage Connectivity Links Expand and Enhance QuickBase

Here are some of the advanced integrations we’ve developed to make QuickBase do more for you!

  • Autofy for QuickBase: A data sync for QuickBooks. Integrate QuickBase data into QuickBooks.
  • Easy Insight: Easy, affordable, enterprise-quality business intelligence for QuickBase.
  • Email-Link: Automatically centralize your emails and attachments in QuickBase.
  • File-Link: Remove file storage constraints in QuickBase with Amazon S3.
  • Cloud-Link: Integrate with other cloud services like Google apps, calendar and maps.
  • App-Link: Integrate with Excel and other software for smart, off-line custom dashboards and forms.
  • Data-Link: Automate functions in QuickBase, such as syncing data in multiple tables and apps, business rules-driven record creation and other operations, archiving and backups. Integrate with higher volume databases, expanding capacity and connectivity to existing source systems.

Let Advantage leverage our years of development success to make QuickBase do more for you.

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Tools for Better Business Performance & Measurement

Does your company need affordable tools to quickly improve business performance? Do you struggle with the tracking and visibility of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or monitoring the progress of strategic initiatives? Then we have the solution for you.

With Advantage’s QuickBase applications, you can use the multitude of core business apps to improve your workflows, business performance and key performance visibility, all from one single reliable source. We use the QuickBase platform to keep up with your dynamic business needs by building and deploying your solutions faster than ever before.

Provide Better Information Access, Reporting and Analysis

Don’t rely on underpowered spreadsheets and email to track KPIs or manage and share performance results. With Advantage web-based applications, you can easily support performance improvement, monitoring and management across your enterprise.

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